Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First day at play school

Today is important day, ansh went to play school. Lot of preparation went in to make it happen

Day before grand day(31-March)
Anirav mom gave me list of items required on first day, list included hand sanitizer , rough socks etc
So i took him and his dadi for this mini shopping. I was in good mood so i took him to play area before we go to market, he was also excited, he play for bit and then he told he want to do pottyyyyyyyy.

ah that made things difficult, we thought we have to take him back home, but he had some other ideas. He told us that NO Potty, so we went to market.

First thing in list was SOCKS, i went to kid shop for that , Anirav was also with me, he noticed big bag of balls, that has 100+ balls. He wanted to buy that bag. I will never buy that because i know him and type of mess he will create in house, people falling on floor ...

So i told him NO BALLS, he was going crazy, his dadi was also loosing her temper. He was crying , sitting on floor, people were looking at us. I am sure they must be blaming me for this. believe me i have not taught him this, it is his own...

Somehow i manged to buy SOCKS and we left shop and ansh was going nuts, slowly he become normal. We went to fair price to buy some grossory, he got opportunity to show colors. He wanted GRAPES.
That was easy for me, so i bought that, but for people who know him knows that he will not eat anything.

Thing were going fine, we got all stuff and went to billing counter. Ansh was with dadi during billing time, he laid tray for dadi, yes you guessed it right, he took dadi in CHOCOLATE section and we were help less again, we have to listen to him , so we did that. He was having MENTOS.

Yes this one.

We still had one more items left to buy, it was hand sanitizer , ansh still not in mood to help me, but some how i bought the stuff.

We happly reched home and i gave it to ritika and you will not believe me , SOCKS was small and i bought HANDWASH not HAND SANITIZER

Ritika was kind enough :-)

Some how Putput manged to make him sleep on time, which is 12 mid night , still early for Ansh standard.

Grand Day - April Fool Day!
Yes he started on 1st-Apr. I left for office early as usual, have to work hard to pay bills!
He woke up at 8 AM, which is too early by his standard, thank god i was not around. Yes i will explain you about it

Events as it happened
- He did POTY at start of the day, wow that is good . Good to start school fresh. Everybody was very happy, i don't have photos to share but everybody was happy

- Putput worked very hard, yes very hard to feed him -CORNFLEX, healthy breakfast

- Then twist came , he did POTTY again. Ah all the hardwork gone for toss. Unlucky putput.

- He got ready for school, with brown T-shirt, blue shorts, red&yellow watch in both hand. Yes he was fully prepared for it. Have look at photo to get idea how  our super hero was looking.
Mom took him to school.

yes that is pink bag. thanks putput for his

Mom taking him to school

He was 15 minutes late, but that is ok, Well done Ritika,Dadi & Putput to get little hero ready.

Day at school.
Ansh took entry in school, getting settel in school, didn't look like first day.
He was relax. They took temperature to make sure that parents don't blam school management!
Ansh mom put his shoe on rack, stayed for some time. He was fine. Having fun, drinking water etc.

When i came back in evening , i had Q&N session with him to get his he first day experience
Question - How many time you went for pee
Answer - 5 Minutes, i mean he wanted to tell 5 times, but i will not believe this.

Q - You sat on chair or floor ?
A - Floor . He was sure about this.

Q - Are you sure ?
A - yes i am sure!

Q - Did you had fun
A - Yes

Q - What did you play
A - Racing car, blue, yellow.

Q - Did you meet any of your friend.
A - Anish.... I know this baby, his play area mate.

It was exiting day in our life. Ansh is growing up, started his school also, more fun.